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A vibrant and caring community for the over 55's.

Travel options

Better connected to the community and beyond.

A vibrant and caring community for the over 55's.

A positive impact, one journey at a time

Burnham Waters, following agreement with Essex County Council, provides a Travel Information Pack that includes travel credits for new residents and useful information on local public transport services, sustainable transport options, and more.

The travel pack

The travel pack new residents receive will contain information relating to the following:

  • Buses
    • Information about bus stops at Burnham Waters, including the Burnham Waters minibus service and Dengie DaRT bus service.
    • How to find bus stops and contact the bus operators if needed.
    • Information about the Essex Saver ticket for unlimited bus travel in Essex.
    • Concessionary bus pass details and what to do if you've left something on the bus.
    • How to find the right bus for your journey.
  • Trains
    • Details about the nearest railway station (Burnham-on-Crouch), facilities, and how to reach it.
    • Train operator information and how to quickly get to London.
    • Assisted travel and Plusbus information.
  • Cycling
    • Benefits of cycling and information about cycling routes around Burnham Waters.
    • Details about electric bicycles available for residents.
    • Information on where you can cycle and additional cycling resources.
  • Walking
    • Benefits of walking and information about walking paths within and outside of Burnham Waters.
    • Information on public rights of way and walking leaflets.
  • Electric vehicles
    • Benefits of electric vehicles and charging points available at Burnham Waters.
    • Information about Zap-Map for electric vehicle owners.
  • Taxi
    • Information about taxi services, licensing, and how to file complaints.
  • Car sharing
    • Explanation of car sharing benefits and how to contact for further information.
  • Community transport
    • Information about taxi services, licensing, and how to file complaints.
  • Travel vouchers
    • Details about travel vouchers provided to the first purchasers of each dwelling at Burnham Waters.
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The customer portal

Travel information pack and Burnham Waters resident customer portal.

All the detailed information is available within a dedicated Travel Information Pack, which can be accessed through the Burnham Waters Resident Customer Portal. This portal serves as a central resource for residents to access essential information about local travel services, schedules, and contact details.

Within this portal, you can find the complete schedule for the Burnham Waters minibus service, including pick-up and drop-off timings, routes, and contact information. This convenient online platform is designed to assist residents in making the most of the available travel options and services in and around Burnham Waters.

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Travel at Burnham Waters

Why use public transport, walk, or cycle?

Running a car is expensive. For many short and some longer journeys, taking the bus or train can work out to be cheaper and be less stressful than driving, especially when you consider the cost of filling your car with fuel and paying for parking.

One bus can take up to 50 cars off the road, which helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, improve local air quality, road safety, and can also reduce congestion where you live.

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