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9th April 2024

Celebrate National Pet Day and pet friendly retirement homes with top tips from Edgewood Vets

At Burnham Waters, we offer pet friendly retirement homes. We are a pet friendly retirement village that welcomes our residents’ four legged friends!

In fact, research shows that there are many benefits to owning a pet in retirement, from helping to keep you keep fit and active to reducing stress and giving routine to your daily life.

So if you already have a pet, or you are considering getting a new pet and have been researching pet friendly retirement homes, we can help! This month, as we celebrate National Pet Day (11th April), we are delighted to share a guest blog post from our local veterinary practice, Edgewood Vets, who share with us some top tips for getting your new pet settled.

If you want to read about the many benefits of getting a pet in retirement, take a look at our recent blog post.  

Top tips to prepare your new retirement bungalow for a new puppy or kitten - from Edgewood Vets:


1. Pet-proof your home

Puppies and kittens are curious and love to explore their environment, so it’s important to make your home safe for them. This may include removing any hazardous items, securing loose electrical cords, and ensuring that all cleaning chemicals and medications are safely locked away. It is wise to check your garden too for hazards, including poisonous plants as young pets like to explore with their mouths.


2. Purchase supplies

Before bringing your new pet home, make sure you have all the necessary supplies such as food & water bowls, a collar, lead, a pet crate, bedding, toys and food suitable for a puppy/kitten. Talk to the breeder and try to stick with the same brand of food they were feeding the litter to minimise the risk of tummy upsets. Stock up on puppy/kitten treats and register your new pet with us at Edgewood Vets.


3. Plan for toilet training

Toilet training is an important part of your new pet’s early training, so plan ahead for this. Decide on a designated area in your garden (or home for litter trays) and establish a consistent schedule for potty breaks. It’s also worth investing in puppy/kitten training pads to use in your house in case of accidents!


4. Make arrangements for any absence

Puppies and kittens require a lot of attention and care when they’re young. If you’re going to be away during the day, make arrangements for someone to take care of your pet or consider using a dog day care service for puppies or a pet sitter at your home. Our team at Edgewood Vets will be able to advise on local pet sitters/walkers for you.


5. Research training techniques

Start researching training techniques and consider enrolling your puppy in a regular training class. This will help to socialise your puppy and you will both learn basic obedience commands. You can actually train cats to respond to some commands too!


6. Prepare your family

Getting a new pet is an exciting time, but it’s important to prepare your family, especially any grandchildren who might be visiting. Teach them about the importance of gentle handling, proper feeding and exercise, and encourage them to be part of your pet’s daily care, whenever they are visiting.  

By following these tips, you’ll be well-prepared to welcome your new furry friend into your home. Remember, patience and consistency are key to successful ownership.

It’s also worth remembering, all dogs will need plenty of exercise both physically and mentally. Some breeds of dog particularly from working lines will require a lot of both physical and mental exercise so make sure your chosen breed is going to get everything they need from the lifestyle that you lead and have time for.  

So, you have read the above advice and you think you are ready to welcome a new puppy or kitten into your home.  


Things to consider before you purchase a new pet.


Before you purchase a new pet, Edgwood Vets shares some of the do’s & don’ts when buying a new puppy or kitten - as well as the red flags you should be looking out for:



- Take your time and research reputable breeders. You may need to travel to get the right pet for you.

- Check the animal’s age. Puppies and kittens should NEVER be sold under eight weeks old.

- Visit the breeder several times to check on your new pet in their home until they’re ready to leave.

- Make sure the real mum is present at each visit. Most ‘fake’ mums won’t interact with the puppies.



- Don't consider anyone who is advertising many litters from different breeds. This is a red flag.

- Don't buy without knowing who the seller’s vet is, and seeing records of vaccinations, flea/worm treatments and microchip.

- Don't buy if you feel rushed or pressurised into parting with cash, this is another red flag.

- Don't buy a puppy or kitten that is displaying health problems as this is not normal.


Once you have taken them home, remember to register your new pet and book their vaccinations, weigh-in and parasite prevention appointments. Visit the Edgewood Vets website for more information.  


About Burnham Waters

Burnham Waters is a vibrant new residential community for the over 55s, situated in Burnham on Crouch.

We offer a range of pet friendly retirement homes and will always welcome our residents’ pets!

Burnham Waters offers the perfect blend of luxurious new bungalows, combined with the comfort and serenity of a rural village community. With the added benefits of on-site amenities and facilities for residents, everything you need is easily accessible and readily available.

Choose from a selection of one, two and three-bedroom retirement bungalows - with the first homes now ready to move in to.

Explore the Burnham Waters website to find out more or why not request a Burnham Waters brochure.


The team have been so patient and understanding with my elderly parents. Although we haven’t been through a purchase yet we are hoping that will come. Nathan and his team have been accommodating, kind and very knowledgable throughout our dealings with them so far. Highly recommend.

Christina Sheilds

Having been met by Nathan we followed him onto the estate and was introduced to Jamie. His truly inspirational concept for a community development have left us wanting to be part of it. Loved the bungalow and once inside we able to see for ourselves the high spec and generous size rooms. Every aspect appears to have been thought about carefully and we are looking forward to seeing the 3 bedroom show home.

Mrs Moss

The property exceeded expectations. My wife and I appreciate how generous you were with your time with us. It’s a great, well thought out and designed development for the over 55’s.

Mr & Mrs Francis

Completely blown away with the spaciousness of the layout of the estate and the beautifully presented bungalow. I can’t thank you enough for the all the advice and information the team at the bungalow gave coupled with the help and genuine understanding and help with our particular issues.

Mr & Mrs Allix


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