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A vibrant and caring community for the over 55's.

A vibrant and caring community for the over 55's.

A resident at our luxury retirement community during springtime, to represent the change in season.
13th March 2024

Four ways to prepare your new build retirement bungalow for spring

If you are looking for ideas to get your new build retirement bungalow ready for spring, we have a few top tips! Spring has almost sprung and our luxury retirement community will soon be relishing the warmer weather, lighter evenings and all the joys nature brings around the spring season! With spring comes change and new life, which is the perfect excuse to freshen up your new build retirement bungalow! Not sure where to start? This week, the Burnham Waters team discuss our four favourite ways to prep your home for spring.


1. Declutter


Step one to preparing your new build retirement bungalow for springtime is to declutter and get rid of the things you no longer need. Perhaps it’s time to transition your wardrobe for the incoming warmer weather and pop a few things in storage? Now is the time to start making the changes, so you’re not faced with a mammoth task when (if) the English heatwave finally arrives!

We would suggest taking a couple of hours and tackling a room at a time, so not to overwhelm yourself. Prepare three large bin sacks and label them ‘bin’ ‘recycle’ and ‘donation/to sell’. If you’re debating whether to keep something or not, simply ask yourself, ‘have I used this item within the last year?’. If the answer is no, then it can go! It’s a great rule to use to prevent you holding onto the excess things you don’t need.

Selling items or donating to charity is a great way to ensure your items go to a good home, especially if you have trouble letting go of personal belongings. It’s also a more sustainable way of living!

If you’ve decluttered but don’t want to get rid or donate your items, you may want to consider putting them into storage. Renting a storage container is a great way to free up space within the home and won’t cost you the earth to do so! A drive-by unit is easily accessible, and they often come in affordable monthly rent packages. If storage is just a seasonal necessity, then it’s the perfect option as you’re not tied in for a long time.


2. Spring clean


Once you’ve cleared some space, it’s time for a spring clean! Our top tip would be to clean off any surfaces first, so that if any dirt, dust or crumbs go onto the floor, you won’t have to waste your time cleaning it twice. Our luxury retirement community advises to start with the kitchen and bathroom surfaces first, as these are the ones that get a lot more bacteria and grime on the surfaces. Once completed, then go over the floors afterwards. A simple vacuum and mop of your floors can ensure that your rooms remain fresh and spacious. Scented eco-friendly products are always the best to use when cleaning your home.


3. Springlike scents


Floral fragrances will fill your new retirement bungalow with delicious springlike scents, perfect for the season changing. A scent can be uplifting and take us back to moments in the past. If you’re looking for a way to refresh your home as April approaches, fragrance is a simple way to do so! We would recommend using:


Plug in – Unobtrusive and effective, if you’re looking for cost-cutting longevity, this is the item you’re looking for. When the scent runs out, simply buy a refill and enjoy for potentially years!


Diffuser – A little more aesthetically pleasing than a plug in, the reed diffuser effortlessly fills a room. Our top tips are to turn the reeds two hours after putting them into the scent pot. This will ensure even saturation throughout the reeds. Additionally, don’t put these in direct sunlight; it taints the fragrance and any liquid will evaporate more quickly!


Candles – This option doesn’t emit as much scent as a plug in or diffuser, however, candles create an ambience that cannot be replaced. Whether you’ve lit citronella for the garden, or are cosying indoors with lavender scents, away from April showers, candles can quickly add that little extra your room needs this spring.


Seasonal style


With a change in season comes a change of scenery amongst the luxury retirement community. Springtime accessories around your new build retirement bungalow will help you to ring in the new season. There are many different versatile options to choose from, it all, of course, depends on your personal taste. Some items are things you can use all year round too! Here are our top tips:


Pictures – Artwork and photos are a great way to capitalise on the spring season. Family photos and pieces of art that mean something to you are the perfect way to give your home heart and fill it with wonderful memories. The different colours look wonderful too.


Houseplants – Houseplants have many benefits. They bring a little nature inside, which has a positive impact on our mental health. Plants help to oxygenate the air we breathe, and they look beautiful within the home during spring – the season of new life blooming. Houseplants keep you busy too; ensure you have a watering and sunlight schedule prepared to ensure your plants last for years!


Wine Rack – A wine rack is a beautiful feature that will encourage you to invite friends and family over throughout the warmer weather. A wine rack will finish off a room, giving it a sense of grandeur. Nothing says British summer time like alfresco dining, with a cold glass of freshly poured wine!


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